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Cop that Copper

Modest Summer of 2017 #3


Snagged a gorgeous copper coloured blouse but you don’t want to look like a mom? Pair it with plain black jeans and white sneakers for a youthful vibe, or with booties for an insta-worthy fashionista shot. Pick out any hijab similar to the colours in the silk scarf in this set, and grab your favourite nude or black bag. Pull the look together with a metallic copper tone lip for that easy cool girl look!

TIBI red satin top
380 SGD –

Skinny ankle jeans
28 SGD –

JustFab platform heel bootie
55 SGD –

MICHAEL Michael Kors purse shoulder bag
510 SGD –

Marc by Marc Jacobs analogue watch
270 SGD –

Valentino scarve
320 SGD –

Mineral eye makeup
26 SGD –

Lip makeup
8.30 SGD –

Fashion Fixations, Mood

My Favourite Red Bag

Modest Summer of 2017 #2


Feel like dusting off that red satchel you’ve had in your closet for months? Have a similar bow-sleeved top you want to show off to your girlfriends? Pair the blouse with indigo jeans and nude pink heels for a touch of elegance or a pair of pastel pink sneakers for a comfortable shopping day out. Snatch up any rose gold accessories, a scarf that sports any of the shades of pink/mauve in this set and you’re good to go!

River Island skinny jeans
69 SGD –

Adidas ortholite shoes
140 SGD –

Kate Spade satchel handbag
260 SGD –

Michael Kors chronograph watch
410 SGD –

Bally silk scarve
410 SGD –

False eyelash
11 SGD –

Lime crime lipstick
28 SGD –

Mac cosmetic
55 SGD –
Fashion Fixations, Mood
Modest Summer of 2017 #1


Fancy yourself a rich yellow scarf? Pair it with a quirky white top, black skinnies and nude heels. Sling on a matching yellow crossbody or a black satchel to tie this outfit together. Stack some gold and black bangles for that Indian summer feels. Complete the look with vibrant pink lips and pastel nails!

Ruffle sleeve top
83 SGD –

Schutz beige shoes
120 SGD –

Gucci top handle handbag
2,335 SGD –

Kate Spade leather crossbody
190 SGD –

Amrita Singh bracelet
28 SGD –

FOSSIL white jewelry
97 SGD –

Versace pure silk scarve
175 SGD –

33 SGD –

Lime Crime lipstick
28 SGD –

Deborah Lippmann nail polish
26 SGD –

Rich, Rich Yellow


Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette + Sephora Blending Eye Brush #29 Review

Aloha to my humble readers! Today i’ll be reviewing on 2 products i purchased around 3 months back. It’s a pretty nice timing to do a review after 3 months of using products.

First off, let me begin with the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I got it from the Sephora outlet in a new local shopping mall Jem in Singapore. I’m a student so naturally many upscale cosmetic brands especially those in Sephora are considered a splurge to me. So, i shared the cost with my sister.

I decided on the Naked Basics Palette instead of the UD Naked Palette 2 simply because

  • It has a fair number of nude shades that are versatile and natural enough for casual or dramatic makeup styles
  • It is much cheaper than the Naked Palette 2
  • It is handy to carry out for touchups (if necessary) and for travel/vacations
  • It simply meets both me and my sister’s eye makeup needs

I assure you my review on this particular UD palette is neither influenced nor sponsored for okay!

I love love love love this palette! It is definitely heaps better if not way way way better than the eyeshadow palettes from commercial brands (granted they’re available in SG) like Maybelline, Silky Girl, NYX, Canmake, L’oreal. I’ve also tried eye palettes from Kanebo KATE and The Body Shop – they are pretty well pigmented and have a very silky texture. I’m digressing…

The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is perfect for you if you’re looking for minimalistic, simple and easy to use eye makeup. The pigmentation is wonderful,  a little goes a long way especially for the darker shades like ‘Faint’ and ‘Crave’. It’s also a pleasant discovery for me that the lighter shades from ‘Venus’ all the way to ‘Naked 2’ are highly pigmented and you don’t even need to load on so much on your lids to be able to see the colours showing. These eyeshadows have a really rich texture to it and i thoroughly enjoyed using this palette. It doesn’t coat excessively on my brush and doesn’t leave stray eyeshadow particles on my cheeks. This means that you can do your eye makeup even after completing your base/foundation, blush and lips without a teeny bit of fear that the eyeshadows are gonna mess your face up! By the way, for all you makeup enthusiasts who adore MATTE eyeshadows, like my sister and i, grab this palette!

I grabbed this picture from Google Images to capture the accurate shades. This are the exact colours you will see with your naked eye (pun intended HAHA!) when you open up the packaging.


My favourite eye makeup with this palette?

  1. Apply concealer/eye primer all over my lids and on my lower lash line.

  2. With a brush (use your favourite brushes, assuming you have basic knowledge on eye makeup), pat on ‘Foxy’ as a base layer because for me, it mimics my skin color.

  3. Pat on ‘WOS’.

  4. Take a fluffy brush/blending brush, tap a little teeny bit of ‘Naked 2’ and apply it to your socket, just for some depth.

  5. Pat a thin layer of ‘Foxy’ or ‘WOS’ whichever you prefer, below your socket nearer to your lower lids just to whiten that part because i love pinup makeup.

  6. Take a little teeny weeny bit even lesser than before of ‘Naked 2’ and apply on the outer corners of your lash line or however you wish.

  7. Use ‘Venus’ on your inner corners of your eyes, inner lower lash line and tiny dab on the centre of your lids for some dimension and eye brightening effect.

  8. Lastly, use an eye liner brush (i love using a flat eye liner brush) and line/tight line/both your upper lash line with ‘Crave’. Sometimes i like to flick the outer corners for a flirty look.

That’s just an idea of how I like to put this palette to good use. If i’m going for a more dramatic effect, i would incorporate the three darkest shades more! This is definitely a great buy! It costs around SGD43 if i recall correctly.


  • Highly pigmented
  • Long wearability
  • A little product goes a long way
  • Palette will probably last you for a long time
  • Rich texture
  • Very very blend-able


  • Smudges a little when you rub your eye hard (only for the darkest shade when you use as an eyeliner and when you DON’T USE an eye primer)

Rating: 9/10

Secondly, i’ll do a quick review of the Sephora brush i purchased. It’s the Blending Eye Brush #29 from the Sephora Professionnel collection. I don’t think it’s available on the Sephora website (Amazon has it) but i’ll get a picture for you guys below. It is a really soft fluffy brush which does not shed! It does not require much product for blending especially the crease. A little goes a long way. This brush makes me wanna purchase more Sephora brushes. However, i find this brush a little too pricey. It costs SGD19. I can honestly get an equally awesome brush with good quality too at a local drugstore for half the price! So, i’ll probably save Sephora brushes for when i’m a working adult 🙂 For those who find Sephora items affordable, I say go for their brushes! They are inexpensive as compared to the high ended brands like M.A.C! I’ve had loads of cheap brushes before so trust me, Sephora brushes >>>>>> cheap brushes! Well worth the money actually!



  • Does not shed
  • Does not need a lot of product on the brush
  • Very fluffy
  • Blends eyshadows easily
  • Dries fast after washing


  • A bit pricey for a student or if you’re working with a budget

Rating: 8/10 (I think there are better brushes out there but prepare $$$$)


NOTE: If you would like me to do a review on other makeup palettes from other brands that i’ve mentioned above/earlier, do let me know! I’ve actually a lot to say on Maybelline eye palettes…