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This is my very first post. I will pretend there is an audience in order to write in a first person’s recount more effectively!

My aim to create this new blog is :

  1. For my personal reference to the items or intangible things that i’ve had experiences with.
  2. Posts should mostly be regarding purchased items like cosmetics, food, services etc. I won’t be posting personal write-ups.
  3. Being a keen web surfer for reviews on various products and services available to me, i see the lack of many quality reviews that are honest, detailed and made for minor products/services that are less popular or less overrated.
  4. I feel many out there, just like me, would like first-hand information and opinions on many things that are not frequently found on the net.
  5. Note: I am just a student and whatever that is written and recounted is solely based on my experiences.