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Cop that Copper

Modest Summer of 2017 #3


Snagged a gorgeous copper coloured blouse but you don’t want to look like a mom? Pair it with plain black jeans and white sneakers for a youthful vibe, or with booties for an insta-worthy fashionista shot. Pick out any hijab similar to the colours in the silk scarf in this set, and grab your favourite nude or black bag. Pull the look together with a metallic copper tone lip for that easy cool girl look!

TIBI red satin top
380 SGD –

Skinny ankle jeans
28 SGD –

JustFab platform heel bootie
55 SGD –

MICHAEL Michael Kors purse shoulder bag
510 SGD –

Marc by Marc Jacobs analogue watch
270 SGD –

Valentino scarve
320 SGD –

Mineral eye makeup
26 SGD –

Lip makeup
8.30 SGD –

Fashion Fixations, Mood

My Favourite Red Bag

Modest Summer of 2017 #2


Feel like dusting off that red satchel you’ve had in your closet for months? Have a similar bow-sleeved top you want to show off to your girlfriends? Pair the blouse with indigo jeans and nude pink heels for a touch of elegance or a pair of pastel pink sneakers for a comfortable shopping day out. Snatch up any rose gold accessories, a scarf that sports any of the shades of pink/mauve in this set and you’re good to go!

River Island skinny jeans
69 SGD –

Adidas ortholite shoes
140 SGD –

Kate Spade satchel handbag
260 SGD –

Michael Kors chronograph watch
410 SGD –

Bally silk scarve
410 SGD –

False eyelash
11 SGD –

Lime crime lipstick
28 SGD –

Mac cosmetic
55 SGD –
Fashion Fixations, Mood
Modest Summer of 2017 #1


Fancy yourself a rich yellow scarf? Pair it with a quirky white top, black skinnies and nude heels. Sling on a matching yellow crossbody or a black satchel to tie this outfit together. Stack some gold and black bangles for that Indian summer feels. Complete the look with vibrant pink lips and pastel nails!

Ruffle sleeve top
83 SGD –

Schutz beige shoes
120 SGD –

Gucci top handle handbag
2,335 SGD –

Kate Spade leather crossbody
190 SGD –

Amrita Singh bracelet
28 SGD –

FOSSIL white jewelry
97 SGD –

Versace pure silk scarve
175 SGD –

33 SGD –

Lime Crime lipstick
28 SGD –

Deborah Lippmann nail polish
26 SGD –

Rich, Rich Yellow

Everyday Feels

Struggling to Explain A Struggle

In this world, between those that you know and those that you follow, there still lives amongst us people who struggle to discern between trying to understand someone else’s circumstantial life and being sensitive or respectful even when you can’t understand a smidge of it. I think it’s actually honesty that maintains the necessary balance in a conversation that involves a life struggle. It’s much easier if someone truthfully admits that they don’t and can never understand how you feel and what you have gone through; that is possibly one of the most respectful actions, and if you’re having a deep conversation so much so that someone is opening up their vulnerabilities to you, you owe it to them to be honest and sincere in trying to help them, even if that just means you sit there and listen for a while.

But for most people, they would rather pretend to understand and claim to be that ‘been-there-done-there bitch’ when they’re actually just disagreeing with how you feel, judging your life and criticising your thoughts when they have not once been in your shoes. They think that they could fool those who are opening up to them; yes you may but you can’t fool them all the time. For us to be in a situation where we feel so trapped, bleak and helpless, wouldn’t you think we would have done everything in our power to change our fates and our circumstances? Haven’t you heard that “desperate times call for desperate measures”? You didn’t think of that, did you? That’s because you weren’t desperate enough to want to change your circumstances, simply because you weren’t even trapped in those circumstances, ever.

Please don’t pretend to be that person who has successfully eased out of that struggle when you can hardly understand the struggle or the significance of it to someone’s emotional and mental health to begin with, much less give generic comments and solutions that even a desperate person would see it as illogical. You have your personal struggles, and it’s fabulous that you were lucky enough to be able to pull through out of your many struggles in one piece, mind and body intact. But for some people, they dream of it every day, believing it that they can and yet, they’re still waiting on that day or that opportunity to pluck themselves out of the situation. Everyone knows how difficult reality is, even the most insane and unstable minds know that escapism is an alternative to reality. Escaping something that brings you discomfort and depression is surely the top solution. Of course, everyone would have thought of escaping their struggles in a split second, if they could. We don’t need another voice to add on to the millions of voices in our heads telling us to run the fuck out of this place and this terribly upsetting situation right this minute.

If you can’t be the problem-solver, it’s okay, because we appreciate you just being the sunshine on our cloudy day instead of pretending like you can be the problem-solver.