Fashion Fixations

Powder Blue Craze

lana del rey


I’ve always loved this color on clothes. It has a calming effect on me. Once I wore this to work and my senior just loved it because the colour was apparently as calming to her as it was to me. It’s also really gentle, demure yet elegant. I wouldn’t pair these with Birkenstocks to be honest, not a very big fan of these pairs. But the editor definitely nailed the color of the footwear for sure; it has got to be either white or nude!

The bag oh dear Lord, I am obsessed with bags and shoes. That’s an important fact. This darling little treasure that’s minimalistic and beautiful all the same is in a matching powder blue – oh parfait!

Topshop dress
32 SGD –

Birkenstock strap sandals
115 SGD –

Balenciaga genuine leather tote
1,810 SGD –

Gogo Philip plastic jewelry
41 SGD –

Sia artificial flower bouquet
36 SGD –

2.25 SGD –
Everyday Feels



The time to resurrect my blog has arrived. This calls for a celebration! Let’s bring in the champagne and toast to my mildly revamped rant site! (jk, it’s haraam). Truth be told I’m celebrating with my study notes out. So God help me.

It’s been a long while since I posted. I was set back by an incident that clearly required me to change my url and username. Also, I decided to remove the school component in my blog. So, whatever that my past readers have read about my school or attachments are gone. I burnt them to the ground. Nah, I just permanently deleted the posts for a very good reason – which wouldn’t be revealed because I’m not very keen to speak about something that I firstly, can’t and secondly, don’t agree on 100%.

So it’s a fresh new start here. Deleted a couple of categories or posts for my own sake and safety. Still kept most of my memorable rants here though.

I decided to add a few more categories which I find irresistable not to share on. I’ll start posting these in times to come.

Although what I said may be vague and possibly a tad bit confusing, but I sure hope that you people out there would get my hint and follow suit. For there are some things that are bigger than you, and they know that but they seem to think it’s still okay to shun those who speak their minds in truth and all fairness. May God be the judge of us all.