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In view of my love for fitness and lifting, I wanna share with you guys about the numerous articles that are credible and useful for you to achieve your various fitness goals be it bodybuilding, weight loss etc. My go-to website has always been bodybuilding.com since day 1 I started my fitness journey (somewhere in Sec 3). There are various ways for you to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and it depends too on your appetite for exercise intensities and type of workouts. Out of all articles I’ve read, I must share this particular one which I feel is most applicable to my friends and readers alike because let’s face the truth, about 90% of you guys don’t actually have an exercise regime planned out for yourselves and so I hope that with this back-to-basics article, it will help you search for your newfound motivation to keep fit and achieve your fitness goal that has been nestling itself in your bucket list for ages!

I’m sorry, but I noticed that this article may be a little sexist. They labelled it for women due to the assumption that most women do not know the real effective way to lose weight whereas men do because they are not opposed to looking like a ‘bodybuilder’ unlike women, since most women flinch at the thought of heavy weights/weightlifting. However, I assure you the principles apply to guys too. Alright, for some humour purposes let me use an analogy. I mean don’t you notice? Those guys who start going to the gym being ‘fat’ at first, post selfies at the gym and after maybe 12 weeks or so slim down tremendously with impressive muscle gains. That’s because weightlifting is I believe the best answer to your weight problems.

Another myth to add on to the 5 below is that the protein drinks or protein powders that most guys and girls who workout drink do not automatically make them grow muscles. If no hard work is put in, that drink is rendered useless and merely provides them with compensatory nutritional gains in their diet. So girls who think that the drink is all powerful and magical, it isn’t. It is an aid and in fact a necessity in everyone’s fitness journey because most of our daily diets lack protein and amino acids which are essential for muscle growth and recovery. The usually 24-26g of protein found in each scoop of serving accounts for the lack of protein in our daily meals and diets that we need to help fuel or growth, repair our torn muscle tissues when we workout and prepare our body better for protein synthesis to feed our muscles with food. This is just my layman style of explaining briefly about it and more detailed explanations can easily be found across the credible sources for fitness articles. Dr Jim Stoppani is a great reading source for fitness advice and tips. There are many bodybuilding athletes that provide very basic and comprehensible articles on the foundation of exercise that I feel many should know about. For girls, reading bodybuildng articles and doing exercises involving heavy weights will not make you a bodybuilder, trust me. It takes way more effort and hard work and other supplementary aids that aren’t protein whey, BCAAs and creatinine nitrate to make you look even remotely close to a female bodybuilder.

Female bodybuilders look ‘normal’ too during their off-seasons (go find out why hahaha because it’s a sensitive issue for all bodybuilders).

For my friends who have known me for a year or so and seen me everyday, do I in any way look like a bodybuilder? Hell no. I only curl 6kg on biceps (per bicep), about the same or just an extra 1-2kg on my triceps, about 10-15kg on my legs (squats, deadlifts and all other leg exercise variations), less than 6kg in total for lunges because of my knee issues from soccer. All these variations in weight per exercise differs depending on my rep count and my workout type (heavy weight low rep, supersets, HIIT or dropsets) I mean that’s generally my weight range because I don’t have any gym equipment (which I would love to, like a power rack and a cable machine) for now and there’s definitely more room to improve on my PRs if I did!

I’m no fitness expert but I read widely in my spare time and with the additional information and guidance I get from my fiance (who is an ACE certified personal trainer), I know just enough to help myself set out goals, workout regimes etc to help me slowly reach my fitness goals even without a gym on occasion. I purchase a set of free weights/dumbbells, a yoga mat (to protect my floor from damages from the weights) and a pair of gloves (so that I can have less rough palms). That has been sufficient for me for the past few years because I have not yet had the opportunity to phase out and enter a more serious phase in my fitness which I will for sure once I get married (insyaAllah) because then I would have my trainer with me everyday ❤

For now, there’s no denying that I neeeeeeeeedddd an olympic barbell for sure because i need something heavier for my squats, deadlifts and barbell rows! I think I might also need a gym ball to increase the variation and difficulty of my exercises. All these will be sufficient for the present to maintain my fitness until I get hitched and get a membership to workout at 5am every morning with my future hubby! 🙂

So after all that ranting (which I thought was brief but maybe not), here’s the article: 5 Weight Loss Myths For Women (and men for sure)


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Funny/Weird Holidays & Celebrations


Guys, I’m having an epiphany right now. As I’m typing out this post, I’m frantically searching for the most comprehensive list of commemmorative days even as trivial as ‘Pencil Day’ and ‘Neighbour Day’. I feel that we don’t thank the people around us enough, be it friends, family and loved ones and at the least, with these funny, trivial yet official commemmorative days, I get the opportunity to be whimsical and convey my thanks to them! I might sound a tad bit lame but who isn’t every now and then.

Sorry i sidetracked, was looking at supplements on iHerb haha. Apparently, I have $6.93 worth of loyalty credits to use on my next purchase, thanks iHerb!

Mom also walked in to tell me she feels like going down to get ice kachang then ran out of my room to come back to catwalk with some new tops she got for herself. How cute!

Another sidetrack… It’s also quite sad how the days where my dad isn’t around at home (like today) and mom is, always turn out to be one of the best days in the week. I love my mom to the moon and back, she is literally the world and everything to me :’)

Since today’s the 26th of March, it’s Nougat Day!! Speaking of nougats, it’s crazy how much prices have risen in Singapore for a bag of nougats! What used to be just $4 for a bag of Golden Boronia nougats are now $9. Well, who am I kidding, I’m living in one of the world’s most expensive cities!