Brushing Woes

Hello fellow readers! Lately, i’m keen on purchasing a makeup brush set or brush kits for easy, accurate and efficient application of makeup. I’m actually down to 2 brands. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman OR Wayne Goss The Collection by Wayne Goss.

In Singapore, Real Techniques brushes sell for much less rather than Sephora. They are thus very affordable for the makeup junkies who want fantastic brushes that don’t shed on you without spending too much money on. On the contrary, Mr Wayne Goss is an awesome makeup artist or makeup guru. You guys should check out his youtube videos, they are really informative and a definite eye-opener! (GossMakeupArtist) He is one of the best influences to me well anything to do with makeup. Digressing here. His brushes are very very very soft but the entire collection costs a bomb!

Please leave some comments and tell me which i should get!